Welcome to the website dedicated to a deep space photography. Besides the photos of the outer space objects, photos of the nature, landscape and architecture are also presented. Occassionally, results of a photographic experiments will be presented here. All of this in the "Other" section of this web.

Nowadays there is only little of people who realize, that we are part of something wonderful, unimaginably huge, mysterious, full of boundless energy - part of the universe. Today, the universe appears only in TV news on the occasion of some "sensational" event or in the sci-fi thriller. The facts in this TV production are most of the time outside of reality. The fact is, that nowadays starry sky is gradually disappearing. The night sky viewed with the unaided eye can offer only very poor show, we can see only several brightest stars, which obviously can not impress anyone. All of this just due to badly constructed and overused street lighting. For the sky as was seen by our ancestors, we have to travel to the far corners of our planet, but sight on the unspoiled sky full of stars definitely worth it.

Presented photographs have to show that behind a curtain of impenetrable light polution is something amazing, aesthetic, something that is beyond of our ordinary concerns. All of this will be lost for common people and amateur astronomers if the night will be turned into permanent day.

Hradec Kralove, The Czech Republic, 20.3.2012



The photographs at this website are best viewed only at correctly calibrated TV or LCD screen. If you cannot see 26 grayscale strips on an image below, you should adjust contrast and brightnes of your screen.

calibration strip