Complex of reflection, emission and dark nebulae around Omicron Persei

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Complex of reflection, emission and dark nebulae around Omicron Persei
Object: IC 348 - open cluster and reflection nebula / B3, B4 dark nebulae, Perseus
Coordinates: RA: 03h 42m 36s DE: +31° 50' 28", center of the image
Location, date: Zubří u Nového Města na Moravě (23-24.9.2011), Bělečko (26.9.2011), Czech Republic
Telescope: newton 200/800 mm, reducer/corrector 2" ASA 2KORRR 0.73x
Focal lenght, speed: 585 mm, f/2.9
Camera: G2-8300 Moravian Instruments
Senzor: KAF-8300, 17.96 x 13.52 mm, pixel 5.4 um
Expozure: RGB = 300:270:450 minut, bin 1x1
Filter: Astronomik LRGB filter set 31 mm
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-Pro SynScan
Pointer: Pentax SDHF, 75/500 mm

IC 348 is located near the middle of left side of the image, just below bright star Omicron Persei (Atik). It is very young stellar cluster surrounded by reflection nebula and is located near the east part of huge Perseus molecular cloud [1]. Distance of the cluster is about 300 pc (978.5 ly) and is part of large star forming region Per OB2 [2]. Besides common stars with earliest members of B5 spectral type, the cluster also contains brown dwarfs, protostars, Herbig-Haro objects and starless sub-mm cores [2]. 215 X-Ray sources was also detected in the IC 348 [1].
At the photography are also clearly visible dark dust nebulae B3 and B4. Combiantion of H-alpha emission and blue reflected light makes violet hue in several parts of the image. Faint reflection nebulosity on the right is also present in this image.

[1] Preibish T., Zinnecker H., Deep Chandra X-RAY observatory imaging study of the very young stellar cluster IC 348, The Astronomical Journal, 2001, 122:866-875

[2] Herbst W., Handbook of Star Forming Regions ASP Conference Series, 2008, Bo Reipurth, ed.