Messier 27 - Dumbbell nebula

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Messier 27, Dumbbell nebula - click for high resolution image
Object: Messier 27 - planetary nebula, Vulpecula
Coordinates: RA: 19h 59m 36s DE:+22°43'00" (J2000)
Location, date: Bělečko, Běleč (16.6.2012, 22.7.2012), Czech Republic
Telescope: newton 200/800 mm, reducer/corrector 2" ASA 2KORRR 0.73x
Focal lenght, speed: 585 mm, f/2.9
Camera: G2-8300 Moravian Instruments
Senzor: KAF-8300, 17.96 x 13.52 mm, pixel 5.4 um
Expozure: H-alpha:OIII = 210:210 min, bin 1x1
Filter: Astronomik EOS-clip filter H-alfa + OIII
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-Pro SynScan
Pointer: Pentax SDHF, 75/500 mm

Nebula Messier 27 (NGC6853, PK60-3.1), sometimes also called the Dumbbell Nebula, belongs to a group of objects called planetary nebulae. These objects has nothing to do with planets and this designation is according to its spherical shepe in small telescopes. Objects of this type results from the collapse of stars size of our Sun. This collapse occurs after consumption of hydrogen "fuel" for thermonuclear reaction of star.