Moon craters - Copernicus and surroundings

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Moon craters - copernicus and surroundings
Object: Moon, Copernicus crater and surroundings
Coordinates: -
Location, date: Hradec Králové (16.2.2008), Czech Republic
Telescope: Newton Sky-Watcher
Focal lenght, speed: 1200 mm, f/4.8
Camera: Canon EOS-350D + 18-55 mm, f/5.6 camera lens + 15 mm Baader Hyperion eyepiece
Senzor: 8 MPix APS-C senzor, 22.2 mm × 14.8 mm, pixel 6.4 um
Expozure: single shot 1/60 sec, ISO 400
Filter: none
Mount: azimutal
Pointer: unpointed photography