Comet 17P/Holmes

English Czech
kometa 17P/Holmes poblíž hvězdné asociace Melote 20 v Perseu
Object: Comet 17P/Holmes
Coordinates: RA: 03h 46m 56s De: +50°28"51' (approx. at 19:36 UTC)
Location, date: Bělečko (31.10. 2007), Czech Republic
Telescope: Sigma 17-200 mm
Focal lenght, speed: 103 mm, f/5
Camera: unmodified Canon EOS-350D
Senzor: 22.2 mm × 14.8 mm, pixel 6.4 um
Expozure: 6×120 sec + 39×30 sec + 33×3 sec, ISO 800
Filter: none
Mount: Celestron CG5-ADV GoTo
Pointer: unpointed photography

The Holmes comet was very interesting due to unusual shape with only very short tail and bubble like shape. Presented snapshot was taken seven days after comet outburst on 24 October 2007. As is very usual in our country in case of any interesting phenomenon in the sky, observation of the comet immediately after outburst was for seven days obscured with poor weather.