Moon in color

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Moon craters - copernicus and surroundings
Object: Moon
Location, date: Hradec Králové (7.4.2009), Czech Republic
Telescope: Pentax SDHF
Focal lenght, speed: 500 mm, f/6.67
Camera: Canon EOS-350D
Senzor: 8 MPix APS-C senzor, 22.2 mm × 14.8 mm, pixel 6.4 um
Expozure: 40 x 1/320 sec, ISO 100
Filter: none
Mount: Celestron CG5-ADV GoTo
Pointer: unpointed photography

Maybe at a first sight it could sound strange, that the Moon is colorful. Colors of the Moon are very subtle and even with telescope it is not possible to see it in a way like in this image. But if we highlight the subtle hues of the Moon surface in a graphical editor, we obtain something similar like this. It is very important to get perfect "white balanced" primary data with minimum noise. Resulting picture reveals some modest information about a geology of the Moon surface.