Dumbbell Nebula: Messier 27

Dumbbell Nebula: Messier 27


22 August 2012


Astrograph 200/800 mm reducer/corrector 2" ASA 2KORRR 0.73x


Ha:R:G:B 210:120:100:90 min

  • Coordinates: RA: 19h 59m 36s DE:+22°43'00" (J2000)
  • Location: Belecko, Belec (16.6.2012, 22.7.2012), The Czech Republic
  • Focal lenght, speed: 585 mm, f/2.9
  • Camera: G2-8300 Moravian Instruments
  • Sensor: KAF-8300, 17.96 x 13.52 mm, pixel 5.4 um
  • Filter: Astronomik EOS-clip filter H-alfa + OIII

Messier 27 (NGC6853, PK60-3.1), nebula sometimes also called the Dumbbell Nebula, belongs to a group of objects called planetary nebulae. These objects has nothing to do with planets and the designation refers to their spherical shape as seen in in small telescopes. This kind of objects results from the collapse of stellar objects with size of our Sun. Such collapse occurs after consumption of hydrogen "fuel" which is used for thermonuclear reaction of star.


Milos Hroch